We live in a global community, so clear communication is critical.

Having websites, newsletters, terms and conditions and even emails translated into other languages will help you reach your target audience in their own language, boosting your reputation and expanding your business’ reach.

However, errors in your texts can reflect poorly on your company, affecting your reputation and credibility – particularly online.

That is why proofreading is so important. Even top translators and writers can miss typos in their final texts, and a fresh pair of eyes is needed to find and correct these small issues.

Alternatively, you may have written a text in English yourself and want it checked by a qualified native English speaker (for spelling, grammar or style).

That is where I come in! Whether you want a French to English translation proofread, or an English document checked or edited, I will ensure your final text is of the best quality possible.

The timeframe and cost of each proofreading/editing job will depend on the nature of the documents, the deadline and the number of words. Contact me to discuss your needs, ask questions and request a quote!


Kathryn Malan – Translator – French to English – New Zealand