We live in a global community, so clear communication is critical.

Translated websites, newsletters, terms and conditions and even emails will help you reach your target audience in their own language, boosting your reputation and expanding your business’ reach. I offer translations from French into British, New Zealand and International English, depending on your preferences, needs and target audience.

It is important to have a professional translation done, as language is an ever-changing phenomenon and a professional translator can tailor the final text to your needs. Don’t take the risk of judging solely on price: poor translations can reflect badly on your company, affecting your reputation and credibility.

Sometimes you don’t need a full translation – for example, when translating official documents for immigration purposes. In this situation, after discussing your needs with you, I may recommend a selective translation which extracts the key information and presents it clearly. I can also certify my translations, when they are intended for official purposes.

As a translator, I work hard to ensure you get the best quality translation possible – researching terminology, consulting with you and subjecting the final text to a rigorous review process.

The timeframe and cost of each translation will depend on the nature of the document, the deadline and the number of words to be translated. Contact me to discuss your needs, ask questions and request a quote!


Kathryn Malan – Translator – French to English – New Zealand